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Can I bring my kids and/or dog to your store/brewery?
We love being a family friendly & dog friendly business!  However, for everyone's sanity & safety, we have rules that must be followed while at The Windsor Gardener & High Hops.

Please follow these guidelines while visiting our stores:

  • Children MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times - Children are not allowed in the Pottery Garden, Greenhouse, Hop Fields, Tap Room, or Parking Lot without adult supervision!
  • Do not throw objects while at The Windsor Gardener & High Hops Brewery, including (but not limited to) frisbees, footballs, sticks, rocks, and balls.
  • Do not climb on fences or pallets of soil


  • Dogs aren't allowed inside the taproom*.  They are welcome outside on the patio, deck, and grass.  Small dogs may be carried inside the store ONLY.  You may not carry them in the bar area.  
  • Dogs outside must be kept on a leash at ALL TIMES.

*Service animals always welcome!!
We thank you in advance for following these guidelines so that we can continue to provide a safe and fun environment for everyone!

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Blossom end rot is starting to affect tomatoes!  Make sure you have tomatoes to harvest this year by applying a blossom-end-rot spray!

Fall Perennials!

Mums, Black Eyed Susans, and Hibiscus are all in!

Add a touch of fresh color to your yard or patio as we make our way towards Fall!


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