Cool Season Vegetables Plants

2.5" $2.98 each​​

*Destiny Broccoli

*Jade Cross Brussels Sprout

*Ruby Perfection Cabbage

*Fast Vantage Cabbage

*Snow Crown Cauliflower

*Cheddar Cauliflower

*Lacinato Kale

*Red Russian Kale

*Scarletbor Kale

*Flowering Kale Ornamental

*Red Oak Leaf Lettuce

*Salad Bowl Lettuce

*Romaine Lettuce

*Buttercrunch Lettuce

*Bloomsdale Spinach

4 pack Arugula and Kale $4.98 each


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0-5 Miles 1 person $30

6-10 miles 1 person $40

11-20 miles 1 person $75

*higher rates apply if it will take more than 1 person

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Vegetable Plants


We are not offering deliveries in May.

We apologize for the inconvenience! 

We are still offering contactless curbside pick-up for orders placed over the phone. Please call us at (970)686-9771 with any questions or to place an order. 

Thank you!


Seed starting trays

Clear tops

Plastic pots 2.5", 3.5" and 4.5"

Jiffy Pellets


Plantable pots in 2.5" and 3.5"

Watering cans

Heat mats


*Basil 2.5" $3.98

*Rosemary 1gal $16.98

*Dill 2.5" $3.98

Lemon Balm 2.5" $3.98

Seed Starting Supplies

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Tomato Plants Available NOW

2.5" $2.98 each​​


*Super Sweet 100

*Chocolate Sprinkles

*Red Cherry Large

*Moby Grape

*Yellow Pear

*Sun Gold

*Early Girl Bush

*La Roma



*Champion II

*Early Girl


*Super Fantastic


Tomatoes planted now need to be protected! Use walls of water to get a 6 week head start.